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Initial Coin Offering/Security Tokens

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)/ Security Tokens is a way to raise pool of funds from the investors, for a new cryptocurrency venture. When an ICO is raised, percentage of the new coin is issued to the new investors. Usually new tokens under the new ICO raised is issued against Bitcoin. ICO tokens are generally utility token. 

Security token is the new ways to raise funds under which new tokens are issued which are backed by external or tradable assets. One of the main applications of security tokens is that they grant companies with the ability to issue tokens that represent shares of company stock.

Launching an ICO/STO

Launching an ICO/STO is very crucial task as lot of process, details, research is involved in continuous basis. We help you to successfully launch your ICO/STO Campaign under the guidance of our professional team from various domains.

  • Helping to design the strategies for launching an ICO/STO.
  • Calculation of total coins to be issued, total budget and other resources required for launching an ICO/STO.
  • Helping building a team, applying processes, setting of deadlines for launching an ICO/STO.

Market Research & Analysis

Conducting a Market research is very important while launching an ICO/STO. This helps them to create a hype for their product and visibility in the market.

  • Launching a marketing Campaign for ICO/STO.
  • Increasing visibility across various channels on social media.
  • Conducting extensive market research analysis on various parameters like competitors, economic models, revenue reports, etc. required for launching an ICO/STO.

Whitepaper Drafting

Whitepaper is the face of an ICO/STO. A good whitepaper should contain factors like Market analysis, team, token sale details, economic models, revenue sources, etc.

  • Drafting of whitepaper including all parameters discussed above. Designing Technical whitepaper or a one page whitepaper as per requirement of client.

Fund Management

Once an ICO/STO has raised Funds, it is important to manage those funds for the purpose for which those were raised. We do assist our clients in:

  • Management of the funds raised post ICO/STO.
  • Allocation of the funds raised with the budget mentioned.
  • Monitoring actual performance with the budgeted one and making suitable changes in the budget.

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