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International Taxation

International Taxation includes studying of the tax laws of both the countries and to find out the ways and means to reduce the tax burden & ensure the proper compliance of the tax laws of both the countries.

Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA)

DTAA is a tax treaty signed between two or more countries. The DTAA applies when the tax payer resides in one country and earns income in other.

  • We help to understanding the tax provision of both the countries and make sure to take advantage of the taxation benefits as mentioned in the act.
  • Our team suggest the ways to avoiding Double taxation on the same income considering the specific laws of the two countries.
  • We assist in tax compliances in both the countries in case of income is earned and taxed in multiple countries.

Applying provisions of Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing applies when there is transfer of goods or services between ‘related parties’. ‘Related Parties’ means parties which are connected to each other prior to transaction. The price at which goods are transferred are to be considered at ‘Arm’s Length’.

  • We do a deep study of relation among the parties to the transactions and calculation of the ‘Arm’s length Price’ as per the act.
  • We compile a research on the various methods for calculation of price at which goods/services are transferred.
  • We help our clients in finding out the ways by which the transfer pricing helps to save the cost & simplify the flow of transactions among the ‘Related Parties’.
  • Our expert team handles tax issues, updating with the tax amendments and compliances to various tax laws of relative countries.

Research on Tax structure of Specific Country

Every country has their own cryptocurrency regulations in place and many countries are regulating the same. Thus studying the taxation on cryptocurrency regulation has gained an importance in case of setting up a cryptocurrency exchange or launching an ICO.

  • We do a study of various direct & indirect taxes in a specific country in which the client plans to open an Exchange or launch an ICO.
  • Our team conducts tax management compliances including the ways through which tax burden can be minimised.
  • We Design a proper tax structure as per relevant tax laws of both the countries.

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